My practice explores the pictorial (modernist) and performative history within painting (Postmodernist) to create a ‘performed photography’ or ‘performed sculpture’. I explore the concepts of authenticity, femininity, masculinity and resistance often through themes of reality and surreality where a relationship between material and body interact.  I blend methods of thought in motion, duration, rules, tasks, prepared visual scores and the re-use of performance actions from previous altered states to challenge the dialogue of performance art, sculpture and installation.In my practice I have two main strands of research that inform my work. Firstly, I explore the main dialogues between feminism and performance art/ contemporary art. Secondly, I examine the Methodology of performance art and its relation to non-literary or non-scripted theatre where I am concerned with methods of Thought in motion and altered states.


Contact me - gemma_jones555@hotmail.co.uk